Holy Trinity of Plugins for WordPress and Lightroom

If you’re building a photography website on WordPress, and you use Lightroom, three plugins by Jordy Meow comprise the holy trinity (I wanted to say  holy Meow Mix – but… copyright) of WordPress photography plugins https://meowapps.com/. Photo Engine- WP/LR Sync This first part of this trinity is a two-parter plugin that allows you to sync … Read more

Meow Gallery Plugin – wow!

(stock photo) If you’ve taken serious look into galleries for photography, you’ve probably fallen in love with tiled galleries, easily the most attractive way of presenting images. And you might have seen Jetpack’s implementation. It looks good, but it comes with one major drawback – Jetpack itself, a bulky sledgehammer of a plug-in that includes … Read more

Killer WordPress Plugins

In addition to photography, I build WordPress websites. Want one? Go to “About” and email me. How I created this site. Plugins: AppearanceNeve themeSmushFooboxWP/LRTiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack FunctionWP Real Media Library Advance Custom FieldsAdvanced Custom Fields – Real Media FieldNested Pages