Sharpen AI by Topaz Labs – a Winner!

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Kiane, a lovely Minneapolis-based model. One of my favorite shots of her was spoiled because I missed the focus. (Note to self: avoid using manual focus lenses in situations that are risky.) Enter Sharpen AI, a software product created by Topaz Labs. Their claim was sharpening … Read more

Einstein & Monroe

You may have seen this illusion. Look at it close-up, and it is Albert Einstein. Back away a few feet and it is Marilyn Monroe. What is going on here? You’re seeing the effects of frequency resolution. Close-up, you’re seeing the finer detail that is familiar to you as details of Einstein’s face. When you … Read more

Lightroom Enhance Details and Fuji – a winner!

Note: this was written late 2019.  Fast-forward to mid-March 2021, Adobe launches “super resolution” – currently only in Adobe RAW and Photoshop. I will review it when it comes to Lightroom. Introduction Almost all my Fuji image-gurus believe the images produced using Lightroom’s new Enhance Details feature are as good, if not better than any … Read more

John’s Big Note

“John’s Big Note is a very simple plugin to add a big free-form note for your own metadata.” If you’ve worked in Lightroom for any length of time, there’s come a moment when you’ve wanted to leave yourself a note about the photo, be it details of the shot, or development notes. This plug-in is … Read more

“Chasing” in Lightroom

In construction, an accumulation of small errors can aggregate to create a large catastrophic error.  I once heard someone use the word “chasing” to describe this phenomenon. The way to avoid the problems was to measure total distance and subdivide rather than adding together smaller measurements. When you work in Lightroom or other post-processing applications, … Read more

Accidents will happen

Working on an image I’d taken of some trees, I imported two slightly different Lightroom treatments of that image into Photoshop. My thinking was I might blend them to get something between the two treatments. On a whim I started playing with some different blend combinations and saw one I really liked (a subtractive blend). … Read more

Four ways of looking at a building

When you look at these images of a building, each taken at a different time of day, notice the different quality of light. How does our mind see times of day out of shades of light? Early morning: Mid day: Sundown: Twilight: . You may have guessed the reveal even without the couple in the … Read more

Lightroom Tools

WordPress/Lightroom integration WP/LR Sync – for syncing Lightroom to WordPress Lightroom hardware MIDI2LR: An Open Source App That Lets You Use Any MIDI Controller in Lightroom There’s really no way to describe the feeling of freedom and lightness you get from using a midi device of knobs or sliders tomake LR adjustments