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Building WordPress Photography Sites

I’ve built this site by hand using the best components I could find. After somewhat lengthy research and trial and error, I’ve arrived at two primary building-blocks: the theme, GeneratePress, and Jordy Meow’s suite of photography plugins. For most any photography site, a decent gallery scheme is going to be the key component. Meow provides … Read more

Holy Trinity of Plugins for WordPress and Lightroom

If you’re building a photography website on WordPress, and you use Lightroom, three plugins by Jordy Meow comprise the holy trinity (I wanted to say  holy Meow Mix – but… copyright) of WordPress photography plugins https://meowapps.com/. Photo Engine- WP/LR Sync This first part of this trinity is a two-parter plugin that allows you to sync … Read more

Sharpen AI by Topaz Labs – a Winner!

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Kiane, a lovely Minneapolis-based model. One of my favorite shots of her was spoiled because I missed the focus. (Note to self: avoid using manual focus lenses in situations that are risky.) Enter Sharpen AI, a software product created by Topaz Labs. Their claim was sharpening … Read more

Einstein & Monroe

You may have seen this illusion. Look at it close-up, and it is Albert Einstein. Back away a few feet and it is Marilyn Monroe. What is going on here? You’re seeing the effects of frequency resolution. Close-up, you’re seeing the finer detail that is familiar to you as details of Einstein’s face. When you … Read more

A quick note on my posts…

Most of these posts are in a state of creation and/or repair. Just as I’ll tweak images over time, so too, with my blog posts – with one important difference: while I’m not likely to post an image I think ‘deserving’, it’s a different story with most of my posts. Some of them barely deserve … Read more

Arrival! – Viltrox 33mm f/1.4 for Fuji

After a long three (!) months of waiting from order to delivery, it arrived. It was said to be held up at shipping facility. So far I only have “build” impressions (very good ones) but will be reporting soon on the quality of this budget prime lens. UPDATE – early returns are in – I’m … Read more